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Boost SEO value, improve site accessibility, and save precious time with Alt Text Magic—the easy, affordable alternative text solution for WordPress.

Did you know…

Over 40% of Google SERPs

(Search Engine Results Pages) show images with indexed alt text information. 

That’s a lot of organic search opportunity you are missing out on if your images don’t include descriptive, relevant alternative text.


57 million Americans

have a disability that impacts their use of the internet, including accessing websites, applications, and documents. 

Providing alternative text with your images makes it easier for more people to hear, read, and understand the message you’re sending.

Source: Interactive Accessibility

If You Use WordPress,
You Need Alt Text Magic.


In the early days of the internet, it was easy to just forget about alternative text for website images. Who really cared that the picture of your CEO actually included the text, “Smiling man drinking eggnog in front of a Christmas tree”? 

Now, however, including alternative text for images can make the difference between a decently performing website and one that consistently ranks higher in SEO results and is better understood by more visitors.

The problem is that most small business owners don’t have the time to populate their own alt text fields. 

The solution is Alt Text Magic!

illustration showing an image with no alt text being transformed into an image with alt text using alt text magic

If you aren’t on your alt text A-game, don’t worry.
You’re not alone.

As much as 26% of homepage images are missing alt text completely. The good news is that Alt Text Magic solves the problem of populating alt text throughout your entire website, with advanced machine learning technology that does the work for you!

How the Magic Happens

Using Alt Text Magic couldn’t be simpler.



Our lightweight wordpress plugin slides right into your existing development environment. Easy peasy. 



With your unique API key, you’re off and running with as many as 2,000 (or more) alternative texts generated automatically every month.



AI-powered machine learning automatically scans each image and generates editable alternative text for you. 



Alt Text Magic can even be applied to images you’re already using. Imagine updating your entire site in seconds! 

5 yellow stars in a row

“Setup and installation was quick and seriously easy, and with a press of a single button all of my images had alt text. It really is magic!”

-Abigail, Owner & Designer at Yeiou Paper Objects

Abigail in her studio

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Once you realize how easy and efficient Alt Text Magic is, we know you’ll join us as a Professional, Agency, or Enterprise customer, starting at just $5 per month.