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Web accessibility is hard

We’ve all seen mismatched or missing alt text that a website manager has been meaning to fix for ages.  “Picture,” “image,” and “graphic” are the ones that really grind our gears and those of any website visitor. Because, as it may be extremely difficult to find out, people with visual disabilities often use assistive technologies in order to access digital spaces. And these assistive technologies actually inform users of an image by default. So, adding alt text that includes words such as “image” is really repetitive – and annoying – for people that visit these sites.

You and your customers deserve better

Small details like this are often locked up in an ivory tower and overlooked by overworked business owners that are doing their best to serve their customers. You shouldn’t have to slay a dragon to do what’s right. You deserve to rest easy knowing the platform that you use to communicate with your customers is well-crafted and available to everyone. 

Let’s do the right thing

The hard work you do to support your team, your business, and your customers drives us. Yet, the unapproachability of web accessibility frustrates us. Its importance doesn’t have to require greater complexity or witchcraft. Web accessibility should be easy to implement and manage, but it’s not. And our goal is to make it more manageable so it’s easy for you and your company to do the right thing.

We’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve gone out on a grand adventure to slay the alt text dragon, and return home to you with an easier way to provide excellent experiences for your customers.  Are you ready to continue your journey towards an accessible product for all audiences?

Brought to you with love and magic,
Rowena and the Alt Text Magic Team

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