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Deliver visual content for all

You know web accessibility is not a fad. You also know that designing digital experiences for customers of all abilities is not just the law either. It’s good for business. 

On top of that, visual content is the way of the world. With the rise of social media, images and videos are the main medium to convey information. If you’re not creating visual content on social media, you most likely are on your website. That’s where alternative text comes in. Think of alt text as a form of braille on your website. Attaching alt text to your images enables people with visual disabilities to understand what you are trying to communicate about the images you use on your site.

Automatically generate alt text

But now you may be thinking, “I’ve never heard of alt text and I have thousands of images on my WordPress site, how am I going to catch up?” We know you want to do your best to serve all possible customers. That’s why we created our advanced WordPress plugin to apply alt text to every image you’ve already uploaded to your WordPress site with the click of a button. If you don’t want to worry about alt text ever again, our monthly subscription enables you to automatically create alt text for every image you upload to your site.

Make good on your promise

One of our clients, Dot It, was in the same boat. As an education software company, they manage hundreds of pages that contain images, photos, graphs, and more for the teachers they support. Once they started to use Alt Text Magic, they started to deliver materials that aligned with their company’s mission of providing equitable access to education. Now that’s magic!

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Let us work our magic

We know web accessibility can feel like you have to be a true wizard to master it. But if you take a moment to think of all the people that you will be able to reach thanks to your accessible service, the complexity feels manageable – and even meaningful. With the promise to make the magic of accessibility simple for you, let us take one thing off your plate so you can serve your customers best. Are you ready to get started?

Brought to you with love and magic,
Rowena and the Alt Text Magic Team

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